American Idol vs. Wrath of Khan

Having watched absolutely none of American Idol, hype swayed me into viewing last night’s showdown between Adam Lambert and Chris Allen. As I sat down to watch, Shmoopy had already tuned in to the last half of “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan” on STRC – the Star Trek Reruns Channel. Fascinated by the poor acting and effects, we watched the rest of that train wreck. I had Idol on DVR record.
We had just seen the new Star Trek over the weekend. The comparison of seeing Wrath of Khan a few days later was edifying – especially since Wrath of Khan is considered one of the better Star Trek movies.

Yikes! Best part was seeing young Kirstie Alley as Lt. Savik. The boxy uniform was an eerie premonition of her future girth I guess.

Right after Khan ended we watched American Idol. Or rather I did, as Shmoopy still could not bear it. But we both watched the opening – which immediately told us a bit about why Sci-fi flicks tend to age poorly. Idol’s opening promo sequence has all the great special effects and glitz that the older Star Trek films do not. I guess running the little plastic model spaceships across a backdrop was groundbreaking at some point in time. The high tech glitzy set of Idol puts to shame the 23rd century bridge of the Enterprise I’m afraid.

But then there was Paula Abdul – in a hairdo right out of Wrath of Khan! And in an emerald dress and bling that made her look like a Star Trek extra.


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