Faces in the news

As surprised as anyone, Kris Allen

As surprised as anyone, Kris Allen

Not that I follow American Idol – ever! – but as you know from yesterday’s post I succumbed to the hype and watched the “showdown” Tuesday between Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. (I misspelled him as Chris yesterday just to show how I never follow the show LOL). So the news is now out that Kris won the season. And I have to agree with Ken Levine that America was just not ready for a male contestant who looked like Liza Minelli. Although it seems to me we’ve had (straight) music pop stars who where guyliner already. Not to say that Adam is gay – which he has definitely not said. In any case, Kris certainly won the beauty part of the contest, and one has to think the audience thought the actual music part was close enough to give the thing to him.

21calif_600And Poor Ahnald! Another in the Terminator franchise is released (tonight I believe) and I bet he wishes he had a job as easy as his movie career must seem in retrospect. Since the ballot props that were needed to (get closer to) balance the state’s budget all failed, the Gov and legislators need to find some other way. Expect a lot of gnashing and wailing from all corners in the coming weeks and months.

Will it all lead to a constitutional convention to repair the state, as many want? Check this week’s Economist for a great rundown on that topic. I don’t know how it will pan out but that will not be a fast enough process to repair the current budget problems. And as a member of a minority whose rights would most definitely be imperiled I am far from convinced I want to see a constitutional convention.


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