Prop 8 ruling Tuesday

uM9VznS4qyoBetMFuG86GQ19791Equality CA just released an announcement that the CA Supreme Court will release its decision in the Prop 8 case on Tuesday at 10:00am.

A “Day of Decision” rally is slated for 5pm at City Hall to either celebrate or protest. A march will follow at 6pm to Yerba Buena gardens. Details here.

Similar ctivities are being organized statewide and beyond – get information here.

Just added: SFist has the scoop on events the night before and day of the ruling here.


2 thoughts on “Prop 8 ruling Tuesday

  1. I sincerely hope the best for those in favor of marriage–regardless of orientation etc.

    Still, it’s frightening (to me) to think that this ruling has/will have broader implications. Quite simply, the fact that democracy IS dead and that voting really DOES NOT matter when a handful of ‘justices’ actually take care of the roles of voter, legislator and adjudicator…Oh well, New Zealand’s looking nice this millennium…

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