On top of the world!

ishot-46I’d had a call last week from a friend and past colleague who had been laid off from 8×8 a few weeks ago. He had been hired on contract by Wells Fargo for work related to a recent bank acquisition, and they also needed a project manager for the area he would be working in. He had recommended me as he knew I was also looking for a project.

In the process of pursuing this I called past colleagues down in Los Angeles at the bank I have worked for as a consultant off and on for seven years. I had done project management and process reengineering work with execs in their Retail and Commercial customer service divisions quite successfully. We had finally parted on good terms because I gotten to tired of the weekly commuting to LA – and with ever increasing security checks it took longer and longer anyway.

So I called to okay them giving me references for a position up here in SF. And the next thing I knew someone down there called me Friday morning to offer me another contract – but one that I could do for them from San Francisco. This bank has its HQ here in San Francisco but all the operations I had dealt with were in Southern California. I even negotiated a higher rate!

Sweeeeet! This contract is going to be 25 hours a week with their Wires and another Commercial group to complete a process reengineering initiative. Which allows me to continue my freelance writing for a large high-tech consultancy – writing projects that pay very well, but are far from full-time. Those projects had ended when the economy tanked last year, and only in the past few weeks had restarted. But now that client is in the process of rewriting all their web content and they want me to do all the case studies so they gave a consistent voice.

Cherry on top is the bank has a great, diverse set of employees who are actually good at what they do and fun to work with. Same for the high-tech consultancy. So I’ve now got two clients who between them will get me back to full-time work.

I feel like James Cameron / Leo DiCaprio – I’m on top of the world!

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