The bliss package

I had the most amazing l massage experience yesterday. No – it wasn’t a happy ending or at least not that kind of happy ending. I had bought one of the Bliss packages at Yoga Tree last year. You know, the yoga sessions and a massage for $99? Such a deal! And yet I’d never gotten around to using the massage, and it was expiring so I finally booked an appointment with Jordie over at the Valencia studio.

So he was totally hot but professional and was doing this Chinese pressure point and Qi Gong thing which I had never had before. Halfway through I’m just zoning out to the spa music and my tongue starts to do something. It just felt odd – maybe like if your tongue could fall asleep and start tingling? Or buzzing.

So I told Jordie my tongue was buzzing or whatever and he says Well when the energy starts releasing from the muscles it can end up anywhere. Within minutes my left foot is doing the same thing (definitely not like your foot falling asleep – more like its vibrating at a high frequency – but of course its not moving) and within about ten minutes my entire body is in this state.

Well he also had me deep yoga breathing the entire time (the prana) – maybe I was hyperventilating? My body felt like I was lying next to a Tibetan prayer gong that was struck and causing me to vibrate in sync. It was totally crazy.
I was even a bit lightheaded at the end, and the whole effect took about fifteen minutes to dissipate. By that time I just felt so fresh and relaxed it was as if I’d awoken late, on vacation.

So whatever, I think I’ll be going back for this Qi Gong pressure point.


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