Busy weekend here. I’ve been reading Joan Didion’s “Play it as it lays” set in the late 1960s in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I hadn’t read Didion before – I tried her novel “The last thing he wanted” but found it too ‘inside baseball’ – somehow about things gone wrong within DoD and State. Just a jumble of acronyms to me. But “Play it as it lays” was tight, descriptive, and very redolent of the era. I’m going to read more – now working on “The white album” which is non-fiction about her life in the late 1960s. So it should be a good pairing with the novel.

We met a friend last night from LA at the GLAAD fundraiser at Trigger. Two nights in a row for us there. Ended up talking about relationship traumas and issues. I left early to get to a new literary reading series down the street – the Barbershop Reading series at Joe’s. It was a full house (and it is not a small space) and we were treated to two prose writers, a song writer and a poet. I’ll be there again next month – and will be reading. What? I don’t know yet. We’ll see.

I had the weekend off from work – whereas last week was pretty occupied with catching up on assignments for a client in Cincinnati. This week I did a new paper and a revision for the client in Melbourne – and I really like how the rev turned out, the voice is much more engaging even given the dry technical topic, so I hope the client is enthused as well. I have to work on headlines though. Also did another press release. This next week I have a new assignment for the client in Melbourne and will probably have a rev of last week’s work also. A client in Bangalore needs me to do a new website review – this is the site that I wrote content for, and now they have the graphics and layout set and are previewing it within the company.

Just finished dinner with a friend who is going through a bad breakup. Sudden, unforeseen, and he needed some support.


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