What a busy week! Not complaining though – it’s good to find myself suddenly loaded with assignments. For my banking client I am now sorting through and getting them organized for three significant process reengineering efforts. For my high-tech client I’ve got two case studies in review and website content and layout coming. For myself I’m in a weekly writing workshop and another less formal writing group that meets (usually!) every other week.

A friend in Connecticut is threatening to get a Jane Austen reading club started – with (I think) a monthly Skype meeting. She hasn’t started it up yet. And I’m not pushing.

Next week I start traveling – down to LA where the bank client has main operations. After that, I think I will work almost exclusively from their downtown SF building – which will be great (i.e. not having to take 6am flights), although it’s much more difficult to do what I’ll be doing without a lot of face-to-face.

I managed to get some gym-time in this week, and also get dinners made so we haven’t gone back to our old habit of eating out every night. Thank God for Trader Joe’s pre-cooked ribs/pot roast/carnitas/ and even the chicken chilaquilies! Which were (almost surprisingly) good. Shmoopy has pitched in as well.

We take a break tonight though, an old San Jose friend now living in Russian Hill is having us over for dinner. He is a gourmet cook but the downside is the dinner conversation tends to be, ummm, either dull or totally unsuitable for dining. Couldn’t think of a more delicate way to put that. His husband is in medicine and he forgets not everyone wants to hear about the yellow-green pus swollen infection he had to tend to or the ER patient with blood spurting or what-ev-ah.


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