Shmoopy’s twin sister posted a note to Facebook last night that she had taken our two teenage nephews to see the new Sacha Baron Cohen flick Bruno. And that it constituted her low-point of parental decision-making so far. Having sat through Bruno myself, with a group of gay friends and Shmoopy, I can imagine her horror as the raunchy “plot” and punking episodes unfolded. Did she not see the trailers? The kids apparently liked it – it was gross enough, no doubt, for teen laughs. But what exactly constitutes an R rating these days? I haven’t found out if they actually stayed for the entire movie – I am sure I would have been out of there if it had happened to me. “Come on! We’re leaving!,” would have been my mantra at the first sight of the mechanized dildo. Which I think comes pretty early. But as far as a parental decision-making nadir, I think she’s doing pretty well if Bruno tops (or bottoms?) the list.


2 thoughts on “Bru-No!

  1. Thank you my dear Bro-in-law. Yes, we did stay for the whole movie and yes, I did consider leaving. My husband was cracking up down the row so I knew he would tell me to chill out.

    And yes, I did see the trailers and am not naive enough to have expected the shock value. But I do think it was over the top and frankly the worse part was the hetero swingers.

    I missed most of the movie (as my brother visualized) I was slumpt down in my seat with my eyes either closed or with my jacket over my eyes.

    Now you need to understand that my 13 and 16 yr. old sons are seated next to me. Had I gone with Jim, it wouldn’t have been so bad.

    And it did originally have an N17 rating, which I think it still deserved. And being my mother’s daughter, I do think the theater should have stopped us at the door and yelled, “what kind of parents bring their children to this?”

    Part of my reason for jacket on face was so that no one in the audience would recognize me. We will have a photo up around town with the title

    Worse Parents


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