The week in review

What a week. Real healthcare reform in retreat as Congress heads for the exits in August. Summer cold and fog arrived in earnest – with precious few sunbreaks. A senator from Texas updates her campaign website with homophobic gossip about her rival. And reports that gays in Iraq are not only being targeted for killing, the US troops are helping. My head is spinning.

Luckily I’m pretty much caught up on work going into the weekend so I will get to relax and unwind, and next weekend we fly down to Palm Springs to bake and baste ourselves by a crystal pool with funny floating toys and cocktails with fruit juices and umbrellas (if I’m lucky!). As the weeks of July have gone by, I’ve made progress on detaching a bit from my new part-time work to keep a balance going with my writing assignments and exercise. I’ve also been able to keep up the habit of cooking in more – no reverting back to the time when we used to eat out every night.

A few years ago when we actually cooked and ate in it was either for guests or some other special reason. Of course it was easy to fall into that, since great restaurants abound here, and new ones crop up often as old ones fade away. But we both like to cook and with a little creativity, some episodes of 30 minute meals and Good Eats, and help from Trader Joe – we’ve managed to swap our habit of eating out for eating in. Restaurant meals are more fun now, as a further benefit.

I’ve double-booked myself Saturday night. Now I can’t attend the Barbershop Reading Series event tomorrow night – the third. And it should be good, I would love to go to hear Brent Fluty read. I’ve read some of his works in progress and he has fresh material and an ability to describe a scene that is both spare and elegant. But a friend is having a birthday dinner tomorrow night and I will be instead at Heavenly Dog restaurant downtown.

ZOMG before I end this I remembered some good news this week – Supervisor Chris Daly was splashed all over the papers when it was revealed his family actually lives in Fairfield now (really!) and he’s being investigated by Dennis Herrera. I doubt anything will come of it – he says he still lives in their condo here in San Francisco and I doubt he’s pulling an Ed Jew. But it was fun to have him raked over the coals for it anyway. And it quite possibly means he and his negative aura will move out and join his family in the middle of nowhere after his term ends here. Ahhh! I don’t think his personality will be missed. Except by the papers.

Now, I’ve got to go bring my lil’ tomatoes inside – this frigid summer Noe Valley fog and wind is too much for them.


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