Back at Ritual – Suit and Sneakers

I am back at Ritual Roaster’s Cafe this morning – in a white dress shirt fitting in (on the surface) with the Web-2.0 crowd which mingles here uneasily with the hispters, and bike messengers who also drop by for a morning coffee.  Wall Street Journals and Bay Guardians side-by-side. 

Last week I spent Thursday back in Los Angeles with the Bank – it was nice being back in the 100 degree August heat for a day, and the round-trip on Virgin America was not only on-time but pleasant both ways.  Well – ‘cept for the high-pitched scream of a two-year old in front of me on the flight back.  I felt sorry for the father holding her – I could tell it was his mother-in-law sitting on the aisle across from him and I imagined she was coming to San Francisco to stay with them for a while.  She was carping at him the whole way.

On the trip down, at 6am, most everyone was dressed for success for their business trips.  One guy ahead of me leaving the plane caught my attention with a very snappy gray suit (most everyone now avoids the full suit, opting for either the high-tech khaki’s and blue-shirt or at most opting for a sport-coat) that he had paired with sneakers.  I wondered whether he had a pair of dress shoes in his backpack, or whether (as I hoped) the sneakers were his look for the day.  I tried to catch up from behind him to decide if his sneakers were expensive or not, but had to give up – they were rather indistinguishable I thought.  Could have been expensive or could have been cheap. 

Now looking at the line-up to order here the thought crosses my mind – is that gay-fashion icon of the black leather motorcycle jacket going the way of the DoDo bird?  It seems the guys on motorcycles are more-and-more opting for high-tech kevlar, padded, jackets.  All in all not a bad look either I think, but bulkier and will be harder to pull off unless you also have your helmet with you. 

Maybe the leather motorcycle jacket will just fall briefly out of fashion only to return later, like the porn ‘stache or Bill Clinton.


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