Good morning, Angels!

After the long weekend, I was in LA for work again.  I stayed in Little Tokyo, at a Japanese package tourist hotel.  Queer,  in a different way.  Teenage girls all dressed alike in denim jumpers with bows and shiny black shoes;  businessmen in full suits furiously smoking in front;  store clerks bowing as they hand back change at the register;  store shelves filled with stuff you have no idea what it is or is made of.  Except for the Hawaiian Host chocolates.  I’m just surprised Hawaiian Host doesn’t have a chocolate covered squid or kelp product.

It was actually fun being down in LA for work for the week because that is where all the people I work with are located.  When I am working in SF (which is most of the time) I am mostly a disembodied voice on a speakerphone at project meetings.  And as the project manager, its mostly me giving out instructions.

Being there let’s me get to know people a bit better and vice-versa.  And its no surprise that you can get a lot more done that way as well – communication is more than just voice, so working by phone and email and IM really does take more work than face to face.

I’m tempted to start one of the meetings with “Good morning, Angels” but a) many are too young to get it and b) it just seems too sexist now to even make a good joke.

Still, it was good to get back to cooler SF after a week with heat and smoke from the LA fires.  The moon was an eery beautiful deep yellow each night, I think because of all the dust in the air.

And now here we are with rain and thunder.  Not September-ish at all.


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