Queer around town

I ran into local ubër-Blogger Moby in the Castro yesterday which further reminded me how far behind I am in updating here.  I blame Facebook!  I blame work!  I blame Gavin and Heklina, keeping me up all night gallavanting around to the chi-chi-est of nightclubs, gallery openings and backrooms.

So what’s been Queer Around Town this past week?

Went to a hot new nightspot named Blackbird, in the narrow slot on Market Street where Metro briefly opened after losing the prime Noe/16th corner loft space.

While the moved Metro did not catch on, it goes to show that in bars (but not real estate) it is not location, but ambience-ambience-ambience that are the three most important things.  Blackbird shows a level of care and (frankly) taste that is missing from most local bars.  It was packed last Friday night when we met friends after the Barbershop Reading Series at Joe’s.  A very mixed crowd, not overwhelmed by Top40 dance tracks, and with a bar menu skewed to the new SF artisanal cocktail spirit.  It seemed like something found downtown rather than Upper Market. A good opportunity to dress up and go out to meet friends.

The following day, needing much exercise to offset the alcohol, I did Craig’s Body Pump class at Castro Gold’s – what could be more queer than that?  If you haven’t gone to one of the Body Pump classes you are missing out.  I love Craig and Matty’s queer ad-libs to the music mix tracks during the workouts.  And, you pack a lot of resistance training as well as cardio into the hour sessions.  And hello – they are both very easy on the eyes!

Not content with just the Body Pump for exercise, I went to Bryan’s Naked Yoga class in the Mission later in the afternoon.  That must be up there on the “only in SF” lists – and both fun and a great workout for mind and body.  The Saturday class is Anusara rather than flow so the emphasis is on integration of mindfulness and compassion with correct posture, exercises and stretches.

BF and I had dinner one night at Herbivore on Valencia – I am trying Vegan cuisine these days (although I don’t mean exclusively – just sampling it!).  We both had delicious noodle dishes.  the next day I made a vegan Japanese soba noodle dish with sugar snap peas, ginger, Ponzu, a tofu that said it was “roasted” and a kelp broth.  Really quite tasty- especially the roasted tofu.  How one roasts tofu remains a mystery.  I just picked it up a Golden Produce.


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