Homo for the Holidays

We’re putting up the tree, decorating and sipping hot toddies , writing Christmas holiday cards and watching Survivor Samoa listening to carols tonight.  Yea!  I think our one-year-old kitty is going to like the tree most of all this year.  ‘Cept for me.  But then, there’s the dreaded Xmas shopping!  (Not to be confused with XXXmas shopping – which would be fine).

I was too occupied with work this year and Thanksgiving snuck up on me before I had even begun making lists, let alone actually doing any Christmas shopping.  And I only enjoy exchanging gifts if I’ve been able to get most if not all of it out of the way by Thanksgiving.  I am NOT a black-Friday shopper.  I know my sisters look on the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas as an economy-wide blue-light special or something, but I can’t abide the crowds and always have a suspicion the advertised specials aren’t so special.

Now, my sisters are pro shoppers – so I’m sure they know down to a gnat’s eyelash whether they are being offered a deal or not.  Me, my strategy this year (and it worked!) became to Tom-Sawyer the sisters into doing any of my shopping for which they wouldn’t have to ship anything.

And that took care of half of my list.  Pheww!  Shmoopy is easy (and know I am not revealing anything here!)  because he likes being surprised and knows how to fake that whatever it is – cashmere mittens or bamboo-fibre yoga mat – it is just what he always wanted! More than my family back East can do – they are very specific about things – even throwing shade if I buy something safely “on the list” but at a higher price than someone thought necessary.

Ahh – now where is the rum for the toddies?


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