Stocking stuffer

With all my main gifts bought (or delegated!) I took advantage this afternoon of the sunny weather to hop over to Haight Street to do some street art and boutique browsing.  Luckily, here in Queeristan we don’t have to deal with this, as in my hometown of Washington, DC today. I started out on Haight at Fillmore and browsed serenely through Upper Playground – just me and the store clerks in the place.  Upper Playground has all sorts of great clothing with graphic designs in different styles by local artists.  If you’re observant, you’ll recognize several because their work is in murals in nearby stores, restaurants and exterior walls.  Ahh..if only the camera in my Blackberry Pearl weren’t a little bit o’crap!  Down Haight Street a few blocks I passed a cluster of Japanese-looking tourists with guidebooks and cameras out standing in front of a painted doorway.  It was a very cool graphic design and I would have stood there to take it in myself but felt like it would have been a bit awkward, and the group was in no hurry to move on.

I crossed the street to get a salt bagel with cream chese and chives at Katz’s Bagels before (yummy chewy goodness) before heading up Haight to the main part of Haight Ashbury.  The story was different as soon as I got past Buena Vista Park – tourists and shoppers thronged the sidewalks and cafes.  Most of the little shops though were still pretty empty so I managed to get some more browsing in.  I haven’t been there in a while (gosh – its sooo far away, must be almost a mile!) so everything was like it was my first time.  Seemed like the holiday decoration was subdued if not out-right missing from many stores – and I am not counting the nine Tibetan handicraft stores and fourteen headshops.

Later we will be going out to see the Tom Ford film of Christopher Isherwood’s “A Single Man.”


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