Prop 8 – was the “fix” in?

An analysis of exit poll results vs the reported vote count by Richard Phillips and funded by the Election Defense Alliance has concluded that the very significant discrepancies between the official ballot count and the exit polling can most likely be explained by alteration of electronic ballots.  The analysis was conducted for polling stations in LA County.

The analysis (pdf here) goes step by step through the discrepancies by station, and gender, race and party affiliations are taken into account.

Here’s a good example, from Glendale, of why even assumption that Republican voters for Prop 8, if they lied and said they voted no in the Exit Poll, doesn’t explain the huge  discrepancy with the official count:

The best example is at Glendale, where 24.9% of non-responders, about 260 of 1045, were
Republicans. Even if they all voted “Yes” on Proposition 8, the official results cannot be explained unless 396 of 785 other non-responders, more than half, also voted “Yes” on Proposition 8. But among exit poll responders at Glendale, Proposition 8 was supported by only 26.0% of Democrats, 26.8% of third-party voters, and 42.0% of unaffiliated voters, as shown in the Appendix. Even among Republicans, only 68.6% supported Proposition 8 – a solid majority, but not 100%. Thus, the official results are mathematically impossible to explain unless one assumes that all samples of voters, of all parties, were non-representative.

So, what was really going on with Prop 8? I guess, as was the case with African-American’s civil rights, the establishment isn’t going down without a fight that includes whatever corrupt and corrupting tools those in power hold.


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