Gay marriage – not a dollars and cents issue

Is it just me? I’m been following the Perry vs Schwarzenegger case which challenges the validity of Proposition 8 which removed the right for LGBT citizens of California to marry. And to bolster our argument that we deserve equal protection of the laws, we have “experts” from San Francisco testifying about how much city revenues are being lost because Gays and Lesbians aren’t throwing big weddings and receptions all over town?

Hello? Is it just me? Why are we reducing ourselves to an economic argument about whether our partying can help bail out San Francisco and California budget finances? This is degrading and irrelevant. Should we now have a ballot proposition that places a floor on income for two people to marry, and ban tax recognition of marriage unless the couple held a wedding and reception in-state?

Its a simple argument. Maybe the plaintiffs are too timid to argue it, but the right for YOUR 5000 year old mythologic tradition to abhor my same-sex relationship ends at your own front door.


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