And now there are 59

So what exactly does losing the so-called 60th Senate vote mean?  That question is already become the news-meme of the day/week/as-long-as-it-plays.  But let’s understand that a supermajority never existed in the Senate for anything other than the same old corporate/industrial/government status quo that has dominated the country since before GW Bush was president.  And Obama still has abundant opportunity and tools to show he’s on the side of the people – if he really is.  But the sad fact is he has never shown that he is on the side of the people in this divide.  And that’s why he finds himself with a MA (R) now.

Mr. President – are you for Wall Street or Main Street?  Are you for Wellpoint or people getting well?  Will you send us a sign?


One thought on “And now there are 59

  1. You are so right. Let’s hope this event is the wake up call. . . although it seems the alarm has already gone off a few times — there’s a snooze button that keeps getting pushed!

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