The rain is back, a little.  The little kale and chard plants seem to be A-OK with this weather.  Of course, it’s only been a week.  There’s still plenty of time for these guys to hit a bad spot along the road to harvest.  Up on the roof the cymbidiums are enjoying the wet cool weather.

Cymbidium - red and white miniature

The two potted citrus – a Eureka lemon and a Mexican lime – are blooming.  I harvested a large lemon last weekend and there is one left on the tree, along with tiny lemon buds.  The older and larger kumquat tree on the kitchen balcony, though, remains blossom-less and in the depths of a five-year sulk.  Although it looks as healthy as ever.

The Picasso wallet

My new possession is a wallet I found at Given, a little gift store on Castro near 19th Street.  I was in browsing a bit this morning and a series of painted wallets caught my eye.  This one instantly made me think of Picasso’s famous Guernica – which in real life is quite larger than wallet-sized – with the ghostly figures.  Although this is a pocket-sized upbeat counterpart, what with the little bird, lots of smiles on the ghosts. The one ghost on the right seems to have blood dripping from his out-stretched right hand, although he is still smiling.  Hmmm.

My other wallet is about to give up the ghost, anyway.


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