Will we be the death of religion?

Just a thought, but I wonder if ” us gays” may in some small (and painful!) way be contributing to an eventual decline in religion.  The more outspoken many of the shrill and defensive Patriarchs of the Faith become over the spectre of Gays Getting Married, the more the utter silliness, dishonesty, and amoralism of their beliefs is shown to be.

If not the death of religion, perhaps its renovation into something that is actually focused on helping people, and on love?  Wasn’t that what Jesus was supposed to be about?

Meanwhile we have Fred Phelps demonizing Christianity via cruel and unintentioned self-parody in San Francisco this weekend;  we have had the rich and famous Pastor Rick Warren involved in a pending Ugandan Gay genocide.

We are not alone in making religion look bad, of course.  Let’s not forget Pat Robertson and the many, many who he speaks for when he basically calls out God Almighty as a race-baiting, slave-enabler.  After all,  according to Pat, it was Satan rather than God who performed the uplifting and moral task of freeing the Haitians 200+ years ago from a hell-on-earth sugar-cane plantation system.

Hey, its not me who’s making religion look bad here.


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