Great Saturday and easing into Sunday

Saturday really lined up!  I got a jump on some work early in the day.  Later Shmoopy and I went over to Mission Yoga for Chad Stose’s late afternoon anusara class (a.k.a. Naked Yoga) at Mission and 20th.  A great workout as well as relaxing.  That got out just in time for us to change at home and head over to try the new Rosamunde Sausage Grill which opened near the 24th and Mission BART at the old Acapulco space. 

I think its going to be a big addition to the neighborhood.  Lots of premium beers available, and their same lineup of great sausages as at their little spot on Haight.  Last night’s special was a pheasant sausage.  I had the Mission St sausage – beef and bacon.  Yum!  A DJ was spinning and a good crowd was already there when we arrived.  It works the same as at the Haight location – you place your order – but this location is much larger and has tables and benches to sit, talk and eat with dozens of friends. It should become a great after-work spot.  Make sure you try the curry ketchup and the garlic pepper mayo with the fries!

Luckily Rosamunde is around the corner and barely half a block away from Mission Dance Studio where we then headed, to see the last of Keith Hennessy’s re-creations of some of his prior works.  This piece was a bit more ‘out there’ than his last one, definitely heavier on the performance art aspect than on the dance aspect.

Poster for Keith's December, January 20th anniversary events

To be totally honest – I didn’t get it.  The crisco and glitter – ? The red thread (blood?) tying him to the audience at the end may have been a bit too obvious.  I liked the opening which is both a parody and encapsulation of western (pretty much German) philosophy as it bears on art – done in a manic manner to squeeze it into ten or so minutes – all the while becoming more and more abstruse and PhD-thesis-ish.  (Keith is doing a PhD currently at UC Davis btw).  Keith maniacally wields different color markers, and yells directions at assistants in the audience.

Afterward, we happened to head past Happy Donut on 24th at Church and since I’d never been and its supposed to be good, we stopped in.  The donut chef actually filled my chocolate bar with vanilla creme while I watched, and it was good.  And then we made it home finally and watched Caprica and went to sleep.  A perfect day, really!


2 thoughts on “Great Saturday and easing into Sunday

  1. I don’t even know where to begin! Rosamunde, vanilla creme injected donuts , H . N. Yoga, performance art even if it was PhD thesis ish! Sounds like a pretty swell weekend for sure!

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