The googlephone

Well, with my old Blackberry Pearl 8120 slowly losing functions – first email, then web – I did a little research and decided to stick with T-Mobile (I have a great unlimited rate plan) and get the new Google Nexus One Android phone.  It’s had some great reviews, as well as a lot of negative press related to the fact there is no user phone support.

I checked into the iPhone – I like Apple products, use a Macbook Pro as well as – of course – an iPod.  But its still only available for ATT, and my SF friends get a lot of dropped calls.  I’d have been more interested if it were on Verizon by now.

I got the Google phone overnight, and now have it set up, basically.  And it rocks!!  Its good looking, has a great screen, and is fast – like greased lightning compared to my Pearl.  Its already synched all my Apple Address book contacts – something I could never get with my Blackberry which would not take the common vCard format.  I had tried the Googlesync but it duplicated a lot of contacts in my Pearl, and my Pearl had no easy de-dupe.

Its already downloaded my Picasa albums – and my calendar is synced.  Now, I already use gmail, google calendar and Picasa.  And the integration has been seamless so far.

I’ve a lot to learn about it – just getting started, and will keep you posted on the experience.


One thought on “The googlephone

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