Castro oral gratification

That’s oral as in “the food scene,” you!

I’ve had a few lunches lately at Curry Boyzz, one of the newest spots to open in the gayborhood.  An offshoot of Naan and Curry which has outlets in the FiDI and Tenderloin. I believe they are re-branding all of the restaurants.  Certainly a good food value, but the quality of the dishes will not draw me away from my favorite Indian spots which remain Pak-Wan, Udupi in the Mission and Chaat in SoMa.  If you go for lunch, my favorite is the Tikka wrap deconstructed.  I don’t like the wraps as wraps.  The naan gets very soggy, and what good is that?  With everything on the side, you get to savor the naan, chikken tikka cubes, and the mint/yogurt sauce with the tomatoes, onions and cilantro all in their optimal conditions. And a 4.99 + tip lunch in the gayborhood, is not bad.

We have not been able to get into Frances yet.  The uber-popular California-French bistro which took over the spot where Tita’s Hawaiian spot served delicious banana-mac pancakes at brunch for years, then was taken by the Filipino spot for about a year or so.  I will be there as soon as I can get in!

Cafe La Taza seems like they may succeed where others have failed in the spot long-held by Talullahs, and which has gone through three or four places in the few years since they’ve been gone.  Been there several times for breakfast and I think they’ve got a good thing going for the ‘hood.  Check them out.


2 thoughts on “Castro oral gratification

  1. thanks for the roundup, Pete. I too have been to Curry Boyzz and while it didn’t WOW me it was certainly absolutely fine, and I’ll be back. A lot of food for the money and love the complimentary chai;-) Definitely want to try Cafe la Taza; I’ve heard good things about that one too and I like the space a lot, having been to the previous iteratons. Frances sounds **hot** but sadly, it’s not in my price range this year…I’ll eagerly wait your review;-)

  2. We’ll see about Frances, we are not normally ones to reserve a table 3 week in advance.
    I forgot to blog about the new Rosamunde location. Make sure to try it, its a great bar/grill combo.

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