Googlephone – the update

So far I’m having a great experience with the reviously mentioned new Google phone – the Nexus One.  Made by HTC and obviously mimicking the look of the iPhone, it uses the Android OS and currently runs on T-Mobile in the US.  I was kind of waiting for the iPhone to move to Verizon or T-Mobile – somewhere besides ATT because my friends here in SF complain about the dropped calls.  My Pearl began getting sick and all signs pointed to an early death.  I was already beyond my T-Mobile contract so I was able to get the discounted upgrade pricing on the Nexus One.  I quickly price-compared switching to ATT for the iPhone and it wouldn’t make sense for me.  I looked at the older T-Mobile Android phones and although they had great features the reviews I read uniformly called them “sluggish” and that hardly made them sound appealing.  Reviews on the Google phone were mixed – great features, snappy performance, poor battery life and support. I figured I would give it a try though since I would have 30-days to return it of not happy.

So it has been four days, and yes the battery life seems to suck, but most everything else has been great with it.  Fast 3G data speeds, works well with WiFi, large (enough for me!) selection of free applications. It is quite easy to get used to, and the nifty feature for me is the speech-to-text which saves me text message time. And Google Voice – check it out – sends me (sometimes hysterically wrong) transcriptions of voice messages.

The moving wallpapers are just gorgeous – currently using the “autumn leaf on lake” background and still having fun making the surface ripple.

The one remaining thing I have to really consider is the call quality.  Not sure it is really up to what it should be given the thing is really really supposed to be a phone.  Several people have told me the sound quality on their end is poor; others haven’t noticed anything different.  I have to check if its related to being on 3G, WiFi or other connection or if it might be mic position or something else.  Since I use it heavily for business, voice quality is a must.  I know that my Pearl had no issues (unless on a very weak connection).


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