Governor, who wants it?!

I was at dinner tonight (Thai Express – had the yummy red curry tofu with brown rice!) and we got to talking about….politics.  But rather than discussing whether we agreed or not about the pansy-ass leadership of the HRC and the current blog-driven shaming attempt to get them to challenge the Prez to issue an order against DADT, Shmoopy led off with informing me that Sen. Feinstein announced  she was not running for Gov.

We both agreed that the state is in too sad shape, with too much inertia, and a humongous patch-work constitution for any one person to make a difference.  What we need is a constitutional convention.  Short of that, the best we can hope for of the next Governor is that, like the captain of the Titanic, he tries to make sure it’s not just the rich getting the lifeboats – and we saw how that turned out.

Meanwhile on the local scene, our gay Valentine Hizzoner Gavin Newsom still has not made up his mind.  The SF Chronicle reports:

Mayor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday he is giving “serious, due-diligence” consideration to a run for lieutenant governor, and could make his move as early as Wednesday.

Good luck on that, Mayor!


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