No sugar, no flour, no problem

Week one report on the “clean food” diet – after the first week of eating only foods with no added sugar, no white flour, no potatoes.  Now, for most people this might not be a big deal but for me, sugar is like crack cocaine or crystal meth – it is ultra addictive.  Back in college I was a known sugar-freak.  Since then I’ve kicked it, and then gradually gone back and tried to only partake on holidays or special occasions and such – but it’s almost like they say with alcohol.  If I stay away from it entirely I have much more success because the craving gets more and more remote.

Shmoopy can eat one piece of candy and forget about the rest.  Not me – it’s definitely “You can’t eat just one” with me.  So, clean food detox for the past week.  How has it been?  Not as bad as I thought.  And the results so far are great.

This week I have more energy, better ability to concentrate and the “need” for sugary / floury foods is much less.  I’m more productive at work, and yet I feel less stressed.  I’ve been working out better as well.  All around it’s been very positive.  I’m going to try to keep this up.


One thought on “No sugar, no flour, no problem

  1. That’s fantastic, Pete, congratulations. I have no doubt it was daunting at first to take this on. You’re right, sugar can hold us in its grasp just like the drugs you mention. And cleansing your body of it no doubt feels good. I’m tempted to try this. . .

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