I’ve had my “Google phone” – officially the Nexus One – for a month and change now. I love it, I am addicted to it even more than I was to my Blackberry Pearl.

Just one thing – it’s just not the best phone. I mean I won’t give it up – the features are fantastic and I think Android is sooo much easier to use than Blackberry. The speech-to-text alone is invaluable for texting and works decently even in noise. But forget about using it without a bluetooth headset or the included corded mic/phones. The sound fades in / out seemingly at random from the phone’s own speaker and the voice-quality is quite tinny when using the phone’s mic.

Yes, I know that early reviews all acclaimed the sound quality – but I have no idea what phone they were actually listening to. Probably just reading the press releases which all touted the special audio chip. Earth to Google/HTC – back to the drawing board on your audio chip! And, give a phone a decent speaker next time.

In the meantime, I am synching my phone with my iTunes playlists using doubleTwist. Oh – iPhone users? Yes, I can send texts while listening in on a work conference call! So there!

My calls don’t drop either.


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