F*gg!ts and N&s and Healthcare

So monumental legislation that will affect most of our lives in one way or other has now been passed by the Democrats in Congress. And it has been passed amidst a scene of angry, racist, homophobic hysteria fomented by so-called news media.

In today’s Washington Post, the headline news is not the racism and homophobia itself, naturally, it’s that the Tea Party protesters were “accused” of racist and homophobic slurs. How nasty for the Democratic leaders of Congress to call the protesters names!

Hurtful as it is to have it made plain once more – in spades as it were – that racism and homophobia are living and breathing and just waiting for the moment when they can resume running the country, it can help in the practical sense that well-meaning and thoughtful straight, white people who see these things then see what motivates a large number people whom they otherwise might pay attention to.

Along the same lines, it was elucidating to see the division within the Catholic Church over the US nuns decision to support healthcare – as Maureen Dowd wrote this morning “The nuns stepped up to support true Catholic dogma, making sure poor people get proper health care.” Whereas the male hierarchs of the Church remained staunch in their position – understandable since they have to curry political favor somewhere, as the liability for their crime against children becomes ever more visible.

article today


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