Food Friday

Last Friday a group of us tried the new Super Duper Burger that opened in the former Pasta Pomodoro space at Market and Noe. I’m still a bit leery of ground meat (you did see Food Inc, right?) – peroxide fumes waft to mind – but they use Niman Ranch beef, and they make the burgers themselves. The burgers were juicy, done right (not well!) and I added the garlic parmesan fries. The burger was so good the fries were kind of gilding the lilly, really. For another time, they have milkshakes and soft-serve, from Straus Creamery.

Panam is on the way out, being replaced by Chou-Chou Bisou French Bistro. I’m gagging already. I’ll totally waiting to hear if anything they serve is worth the cloying name. Based on the location’s track record, I’m guessing not, but hoping for the best. After all, look at the success Starbelly is having – and that location was not having any success earlier. It all gets back to owners with a great idea, and great execution.

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