Our little addition

We finally retired our last Windows PC.  A few weeks ago I bought a Mac Mini – after the lack of any Mac Mini news at Apple’s WWDC the beginning of June, but before the surprise announcement of new models in mid-month.  So yes, we got one of the last old Mac Minis.

And I would be a bit upset, however after evaluating what was updated and the prices of the brand new models I’m glad we ordered when we did.  I got a discount off retail (might Apple have warned vendors to reduce stock on hand?) and the configuration I got would have cost another $100 with the new models. The new models are nice – no more power brick, even lower power consumption – but the old model we ended up buying has a faster processor, a smaller footprint, an extra USB port, and an extra 2gb of memory.  All things we will use or benefit from, rather than some newer bels and whistles we wouldn’t use. Yea!

Setup was fast, including getting our old Windows XP set up under Boot Camp (only to be used for Quicken, and to get at our old Turbo Tax files).  All of our old data files have been moved to a new Western Digital RAID NAS unit bought at the same time.  I’ll set that up for Time Machine soon as well.

Now, to Craigslist to put old PC equipment up!


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