Earthbox – the update

Eight weeks after planting...creamy sicilian heirloom zukes are here!

The earthbox experiment has now been in progress for two months, on the windblown tundra we sometimes call our roofdeck.  Not only have we been harvesting zucchini already for weeks, we will be in danger soon of finding ourselves a bit overwhelmed with them.  As for the tomatoes that were planted, they are fighting off the mammoth zuke as best they can, and the sturdy Sungolds may begin to ripen this month – we have lots of little green globes so far.

The plants are growing almost visibly day by day.  I also have parsley and basil in a DIY earthbox and they are starting to really take root and grow as well.  And with an unexpected beginning of July heatwave in store for the long weekend, who knows – maybe my own rooftop Caprese salad by Tuesday!

Earthbox week four


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