DOMA – the next test

Now that a Federal federal district court judge has ruled against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), will President Obama (that fierce advocate for the LGBTQ community) take this perfect opportunity to reverse course, state that the law is unconstitutional (he has an actual court ruling) and drop any further pursuit to uphold DOMA? I hope so.

Media pundits are speculating this will be appealed by the DOJ, but nothing has been hinted at yet from the Administration itself. That certainly is not a good sign from Queeristan’s perspective. If President Obama and his team saw this as a golden time (which it is) to move forward for LGBTQ civil rights a celebratory statement, even if non-committal, should have been forthcoming by now from an official spokesperson. Rather, all we have so far is (from raw Story):

In an email Friday, a White House spokesperson told Raw Story, “This is a question for the Justice Department.”

And from the DOJ: “The only comment I have is the Department is reviewing the decision,” Tracy Schmaler, a Justice Department spokesperson, told Raw Story.

I hope the Administration is just trying to be careful in reversing course on the case. If they pursue an appeal, it will likely create a permanent split of LGBTQ support for Democrats.


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