Comings and goings

Paul the oracular Octopus


Frances – French cuisine, by way of San Francisco. The restaurant in the space occupied for many years by Tita’s Hawaiian (and remembered fondly for the coconut macadamia waffles, alas!) is now an intimate French bistro with the accent on fresh flavors that arise from the ingredients rather than sauces. If the thought of cream and butter-drenched food turns your stomach, Frances may show you a different way to do French.

40 days of Yoga – Shmoopy has embarked on a journey into the spiritual heart of Queeristan. He is taking a leaf from Baron Baptiste’s book and committing to a six-day per week yoga and meditation practice. This includes daily meditation, and diet changes including removal of refined sugars. You go!

The Little Chihuahua – Despite the redundant naming the food at this Mexican restaurant occupying the spot where Bistro 24 folded has a good chance at making it. Modeled on the original spot on Divisidero, the restaurant promises healthy, fresh-prepared foods and “choices that protect the earth.”


World Cup – And the octopus that stole the show.


3 thoughts on “Comings and goings

  1. OMG I LOVE Little Chihuahua; it’s my favorite mexican here in the city. Re: Frances, sigh, I fantasize about checking that one out someday and re: Shmoopy, ~that’s fierceness!!
    PS found a great recipe for zucchini (and summer squash), check it out on my facebook!

  2. I am going back as soon as I return from Delaware. *And* will check out your zucchini recipe – I have a feeling I am going to need to increase my zucchini-cooking repertoire this year.

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