My dead phone

Google killed my phone last week. The Nexus One has been dropped.

Not exactly a stellar seller in the vein of the iPhone or even the Droids, Google tried to market it without any marketing – and proved that plan is a non-starter.

You may recall I like the phone – but not as a phone. The call quality sucks. It’s all the other features that are extremely cool and additive – such as the fact that I am blogging this from my Macbook Pro using my “Googlephone” as a portable WiFi hotspot.

I’m visiting my father, and he doesn’t even subscribe to a dial-up ISP. I do, miraculously, get a strong 3G signal here from T-Mobile (the only spot I have on this entire trip to Delaware and Connecticut). And the recent Android 2.2 “Froyo” upgrade provides a simple means to turn the phone into a WiFi provider. No extra router, no cables – just voila!

Still, I’m looking at Verizon and a Motorola Droid X in my future…


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