Zucchini monster must die! Or, the earthbox(TM) update

Okay, the earthbox(TM) experiment has been so successful that I am sick to death of zucchini already. The one plant (a Sicialian creamy white heirloom variety) has produced good-sized zucchini every day. I put the zuke in with two cherry tomator varieties because I thought (with justification) that tomatoes are a rather unfair test in San Francisco.

In fact, the tomatoes have done quite well, and the Sungold bush is large, healthy and loaded with little green globes. The other variety was pretty much overtaken by both the sungold bush and the zucchini.

So, this afternoon I took advantage of the sudden sunbreak to cut out the zucchini so the tomatoes can thrive by themselves. I’m not worried about the earthbox(TM) producing more sungolds than I can eat.

By the way, the two DIY earthboxes I built are doing well also. One holds a eureka lemon that it looking mighty healthy with lots of growth and good looking fruit. The other holds a basil and a parsley. The parlsey is now quite large and productive. Parsley seems to hold up well in the cool windy seaside weather we have in summer. The basil is alive and has grown quite a bit but clearly is suffering a bit of frostbite. The leaves are stunted compared to what I would buy in the market. On the other hand, the leaves are powerfully fragrant.

I think it would like a warmer spot. Baby, hold on – til September at least!


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