A walk to the Park

We took advantage of a warm, sunny afternoon yesterday to stroll over to Dolores Park. You can’t go wrong checking out Dolores Park – something interesting will be going on. Yesterday we just sat up on the southwest shelf by the “J” line stop and watched everyone – sunning, walking dogs, playing frisbee, eating ice cream and popsicles from the vendor carts, reading, listening to iPods, texting friends (or conducting business, who knows?), playing tennis.

On the way we walked down one of the steep streets descending from the top of Sanchez and Twenty-First Streets all the way down to the park. Protected from the wind by the hill itself, and coddled by the high-income residents who get the expansive views over the park all the way to the TransAmerica pyramid and the Bay Bridge, many trees and plants that don’t thrive in our climate are doing quite well in this neighborhood. We passed this avocado tree in a median on Liberty Street – note the baby avocados.


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