Queeristan – now powered by 100% real fruit!

Basket of fresh mangosteens

The Dear One is working on a personal evolution project this summer (yoga, meditation, third eye) and your blogger is helping by going along with his dietary changes.

I did this innocently enough, it’s not a stringent diet – I’m avoiding refined sugars but lot’s of sweet things are still okay. I have to avoid processed meats, but the occasional steak can still be enjoyed. Whole grains – and bread is okay as long as it is a whole grain. Emphasis on veggies, chicken or fish, tofu. Fine. Dear One had mentioned that a small part of the plan includes a more stringent diet for a few days. Well, who can argue with a few days? I mean, how hard can it be?

Enter – the Fruit Detox. I’m in the middle now of a three-day whole fruit diet. I can eat as many whole fruit as I can stand. That includes tomatoes and cucumbers. Sadly (and I asked!) it does not include olives (too salty – they’re a processed food).

It’s not that it is not tasty and filling – I am not getting hungry. But I am picky about fruit – I don’t like apples and some other of the best-for-you fruits. So I’m feasting on a selection of mangoes, apricots (I am so grateful they are still in season!), blueberries, strawberries, and a few other items. We had a citrus and avocado salad last night. I’ve had fruit-only smoothies for lunches and snacking. Also bananas and pineapples (yes – they’re allowed).

What’s surprising is how often I finish something and reflexively start to get something to eat. Or come in the door from the gym or yoga or work and go to the kitchen. Since I have to think about what I’m going to eat, I now have a little time to realize – well, I’m not really in the mood for food. We’ll see how this goes tomorrow…

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