Fruit detox…the fallout

It’s already over. Seems like it just began. Oh, yes, it did just begin. Only three days, after all. It didn’t even seem like more! That’s the real gift that I have received from eating only fruit since Sunday night. I found that it wasn’t that hard, not much of a deprivation. I found things to eat, when I was hungry. I also found that I mostly eat when I am not hungry. I eat habitually – meaning certain things trigger me to go grab something to eat.

Finished reading a New Yorker article? – Grab something to chew.

Stuck in what to put down on paper? – Find something to nosh.

Back home from work downtown? – Snack on something.

And did I get tremors and shakes when all I could reach for was a piece of fruit? Nope. I just found out whether I was actually hungry (and therefore would go to the trouble of slicing up a mango or pear or apricot) or I was just in the kitchen out of mindless habit. And mostly, I was just in the kitchen looking blankly in the refrigerator or cupboards out of habit.

So the gift was to find out – in three easy days – what it really means to be mindful of what you do.


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