Religious H8 – What we expect now from Newt Hypocrich

Newt Hypocrich: Defender of Prop 8, divorced his wife as she was stricken with cancer. Gosh that looks bad, but after all, it wasn't one of the Ten Commandments he broke. Although the adultery part was.

Now that the ruling is in on Prop 8 (the first ruling, one battle in the war) the h8mongers in the religiou$ communities are ready with their campaigns of hatred and bigotry against Queers. I won’t even waste time repeating the evident hypocrisy of those zealots out to protect marriage while divorcing, engaging in non-procreational relations, and cheating (I’m not singling Newt Gingrich out here – it’s been done).

Today's vanguard for civil rights and equality of all people under the law

The U.S.A is not a theocracy – no one should be trying to impose their beliefs on the community. Don’t commit the sin of hubris and think that this was founded as a Christian nation – it was not. Don’t commit the error of ignorance – that the country was founded shortly after WWII – white, suburban, and pure in morals. I hate to say, watch Mad Men, but since many Americans no longer want to spend time with real education, it’s a shortcut that might make sense.

One big unhappy, twisted, lying, post-WWII family.


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