Sungold marmalade

My experiment with using “earthbuckets” to grow veggies on the roof here has been a qualified success. The zucchini was so productive I pulled it up after a couple months so the Sungold cherry tomato would get more room to grow. Now, the tomato plant is massive but what with this one of the chilliest summers on record in SF, it has been a battle. The lemon is doing well, and the parsley is a sizable bush that seems to want to grow and grow.

With the brief warm spell this past week, I got a bunch of Sungolds picked. Still they were not as sweet as I wanted so I dried them out a little in a warm oven yesterday and I’ve ground them with olive oil and some salt in a mortar to use as a savory sandwich spread. Total result: about two tablespoons of tomato marmalade so far from the roof. Meh.


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