Not crying for the Dems

Because of the monthly labor report cycle, we are beset with headlines this weekend informing us news like this item from AP:

Nation’s economic woes jeopardize Dems’ prospects

Is this news? The economy has sucked for two years now. Is it news because it endangers the incumbent party in elections? Not really.

Current reports just confirm what has been happening for two years: the economy is not growing enough to employ new workers and at the same time provide new jobs for those laid off due to the recession. After two years voters expect relief rather than rhetoric. It’s not news.

But the polls and other manufactured “news” stories about the upcoming elections do illustrate a point. Or rather a subtext – that the Dems are about to be creamed by a major force (the deep recession) that helped them to power in November 2008. At that time, it was fear of a Depression. Now, after two years of further losses, billions to bankers and health insurers, and the finger to the unemployed, the Dems will (in all likelihood) be turned out this fall.

And to be honest, Queeristan isn’t going to cry for them. Not as a group. I’ll be supporting progressives, not labels.


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