Danger lurks


Our cat, in one of her butter-doesn’t-melt in-my-mouth poses. But she’s a Jekyll-and-Hyde in a fur tuxedo. She’s become jealous of the phone.

If Shmoopy or I am alone with her and we have to pick up the phone (as opposed to continue to devote all attention to her regal self) she has taken to warmly cozying up, then biting at any convenient exposed limb to get us to hang up and play with her. Is there a feline equivalent to bee-yotch or attention diva?

I’m noticing now she does have a rather menacing don’t-fool-with-me look in her eyes in this photo.


One thought on “Danger lurks

  1. As a cat expert and cat book author, I have seen them all. Your Tuxedo is very pretty and most definitely appears to have that Rules-The-Roost puss face to her. If she is an only-cat in the house, that would certainly explain a lot. Have you ever heard the term Top Cat Syndrome? Top Cats love to have all the attention and will do what they feel is necessary to get the attention they feel they deserve. Enjoy her! 🙂

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