Rooftop garden – Earthbox update

The experiment with the “earthboxes” aka earthbuckets – a type of self-watering outdoor planter – proceeds to harvest and beyond now as Queeristan heads into its real summer season. Now that it’s Labor Day, we expect a respite from the July and August chill, one of the coolest notional summers here on record.

Very sweet Sungold tomatoes

Over a month ago I had to pull the plug on the zucchini (I had eaten enough zucchini for the entire season after a few weeks of daily harvests) and that allowed the Sungold tomato plant to really shine. Because of the chill, the tomato has grown stouter and with thicker stems, but otherwise is large and productive. Now, with the recent heat breaks we’ve had, the fruit are ripening en masse, and are quite sweet and delicious.

Next up, we’ll try out the first fruits of a Eureka lemon dwarf that I have in a five-gallon homo-crafted earth-bucket. They look yummy, but the proof will be how juicy they turn out to be.

But will they be juicy?


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