Montana bids Teabag leader a fast farewell

Since Towelroad last week exposed Montana Teabag head Tim Ravndal as not only a homophobic twit but also posted evidence (a Facebook screen cap) where he advocated murdering gays, he has been quickly de-throned and dis-owned by the remaining Montana Tea Party establishment.

He was caught online either joking about or threatening to kill gays in Montana the way they did Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. Depending on how you read his posts. This people, is what we’re up against. We’re back in our own 1963 where the Mississippi sheriffs are unleashing the dogs on uppity coloreds.

Luckily his view isn’t shared. Reports Towleroad –

“Jim Walker, chairman of the Big Sky Tea Party Association board and an early founder of the anti-big- government group locally, said in a release that as soon as the board learned of Ravndal’s inflammatory comment, they called an emergency meeting to address the situation.”

They asked him to please pay attention to the swinging door on the way out.


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