The queer politics of Koran burning

Okay this post is NOT just an excuse to cross-post a hilarious spoof Youtube video of the TV advertisement that Pastor Terry Jones of the aptly Orwellian “Dove World Outreach Center” would produce if he could afford it. But that said, here it is… but keep reading!

Gen. Petraeus among many other notables has come out against this, saying it will not only hinder our progress in Afghanistan (and Pakistan, Iraq and basically everywhere from Turkey to Indonesia) but endanger lives of soldiers and civilians.

Now, will the same noisy, nosey media gasbags who have fanned the flames against the “not-nearly at Ground-Zero Mosque” come out and blast “Burn a Koran Day” too? After all, it comes down to the same tradeoff, but worse. We know that more than people’s feelings could be hurt by the latter. And that’s not to say the retaliation is justifiable – but seriously we have enough going against us in Af-Pak today without gratuitous trouble.

Surely a call from a Newt would stop a Dove.


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