Feeling fringe-y tonight

We’ll be going down to the Exit Theater tonight for a showing of the GuyWriters playwright group entry to the 2010 SF Fringe Festival entitled “Eat Our Shorts: The Secret Lives of San Francisco.”

Cramming six or so scenes into 85 minutes this promises to be a great way to expose oneself to voices of the future.

GuyWriters (Alan Quismorio, facilitator) is a collective of playwrights, with the participation of local actors, directors, and technicians. It develops new plays mainly focusing on aspects of modern gay life.

Featured playwrights include Tom W. Kelly, Andrew Black, Edgar Poma, Rhoda, and Bob Hayden, directed by Mike Ward, Michael Pulizzano, and Alan Quismorio. (Cynthia Dear, Production Manager; Josh Hardwick, Stage manager)

GuyWriters also encompasses prose and poetry groups, and information about their activities, productions, and newsletter is on-line at

I’ve participated in the prose group – it’s a great way to get motivated and set goals to produce.


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