Whale tale

Killed by ship, or shark?

A cargo ship arrived in Oakland today, having lanced and possibly killed a whale on its SF Bay-bound journey.

Never underestimate the potential for weird stories to pop up unexpectedly. Imagine what must have gone through the mind of the captain when his ship first entered SF Bay and someone radioed him to ask about the whale stuck on the bow of his ship?

No word yet on how, where or when the collision occurred. The whale’s carcass was dragged in by the ship to the Port of Oakland where it is being investigated.

Breaking news here.

The Coast Guard received a report at about 10 a.m. that a ship had struck a 25-foot whale, Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Laura Williams said.

The animal got stuck on the ship’s bow and was dragged along with the ship until it docked at Berth 57 at the port, Williams said.

Photo from Sfgate


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