Ike Shehadeh – the Brett Favre of the Castro?

Happy bartenders at Lime. Lime is now serving Ike's sandwiches

SFist bakes us the news that the owner of the uber-popular Ike’s Place sandwich store has reached a deal with Lime Restaurant to operate within it, during non-dinner hours.

We’ve seen this model with Mission Street Foods, operating at Lung Shan on Mission Street when Lunch Shan isn’t normally open. Makes good use of the capital equipment, and allows chefs and new restaurant entrepreneurs to start businesses with less capital. And certainly a boost is helpful in this economic climate and when credit is so difficult to obtain (thanks Mr. President for our recovery summer!).

Ike’s, recently evicted from its old space at 16th and Sanchez due to the noisy crowds milling about waiting for orders, is now the official Brett Favre of Castro restaurant closings – my count is this makes three “closings” followed by either rescissions or, in this case, a slight relocation.

The deal is that orders must be phoned in (Lime wants to raise no neighbor hackles, perhaps?).


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