Combatting homocide

A flash mob staged a “Die in” last week in NYC to call attention to the fact that media/social/political/religious homophobia in this country is killing young LGTBQ. But, it’s not suicide when someone is driven to it. It’s just plain murder.

This blog post from Patrick Connors a.k.a The Uppity Fag has a great recap on the issue.

Most of the stories about the adolescent boys have one common theme: The schools all deny they knew anything about the harassment. Hasn’t anyone else noticed that LGBT issues are the hot potatoes of every election cycle in this country? Has anyone considered what it means when Focus on the Family fights anti-bully curriculum in schools because it might encourage children to not terrorize queer youth?

And while all the new technology can have a negative impact on gay youth – invasion of privacy, cyber-bullying – Columnist Dan Savage take advantage of it in his newly launched “It Gets Better” campaign to promote positive self-images to gay teens. Check it out.

From Sfgate:

Savage and Terry Miller’s original 8 1/2-minute video, a message to gay teens who might be feeling discouraged or suicidal, has been followed by hundreds more, made by gay men and women of all races, religions and levels of celebrity. Savage said the success is prompting him to set up a website – by the beginning of this week, the It Gets Better Project had reached its YouTube channel limit of 650 favorited videos. (The channel is still accepting uploads for the project.)


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