The Halloween dilemma

Halloween is fast approaching, and it is a Big Deal here in Queeristan. I can’t claim to be one of the many here who take to needle, thread, glue gun, and glitter like a fish takes to water BUT I will tell you that I once won a (1/6th share of) First Place trophy and cash prize for Best Costume at a major Halloween event right here in San Francisco. We were “Bo Peep and her baaaaad sheep.”

This year, what will we be seeing in the Castro? Many may go with the parody approach and this we can expect:

Christine O’Donnell – I mean this one is almost too easy, right?

Brett Favre. I’m sure we can have fun with this one – and Tiger Woods, his wife and his girlfriends would make a great group

The parody/comedy list could go on and on just with political figures this season – but I hope we don’t even give many of the Tea Party folks such publicity, and they already generate their own notoriety and are self-parodies anyway, so where’s the fun?

How about instead, we go with our own Heroes this year, like

Dan Savage (It Gets Better)

Rachel Maddow (She stands alone!)

Our gay soldiers

Kurt and his father – oh heck, any of the Glee cast





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