Please just go

I was walking down Market Street last week, leaving the gym and heading to lunch. I walk this way often but I still pay attention to the storefronts to see what’s new, or what’s on the way out. As I walked past The Cafe, the sign by their door caught my eye. It was headlined: Please exit gracefully.

Wow, I though to myself, that’s a great way to put it, isn’t it? So much better than just pleading for people to be quiet and not obnoxious out on the sidewalks at 2 in the morning. It got me to thinking about how our society sometimes sets very low expectations of people, perhaps so as not to make anyone feel bad for not achieving whatever it is. So no, don’t just exit quietly – Please exit gracefully! Love it.

Then, as I was about to walk away, I saw that I had misread it. “Please exit quietly,” it says. Oh, bleh.


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